Thursday, March 31, 2011

wal a'sr

Ever wonder how much time have u wasted during the day and night?

Let us ponder upon this famous quote and people from the past:

Al-Hasan al-Basri says: I have encountered people who were more stingy with regards to their time than they were with their dirhams!

AlKhateeb al-Baghdaadi, when walking the streets, would always be seen carrying a book and reading it.

Ibn Al-Qayyim says: “I know someone whom, when he’d become ill, he’d place the book next to his head, and whenever he’d regain consciousness from his fevering, he’d pick up the book and read. But when he feels that he is about to lose consciousness, he’d put it down”

Saleem al-Raazi once returned back to his house and upon arrival he said: “I recited a whole chapter from the Qur’an on the way.”

Why don't we follow these people of example to make use of our time in remembering ALLAH for the sake of dunya and akhirah..

seeking for knowledge and time is like "aur and tebing".its interrelated with each other.. 

So,check your daily schedule and see if you have any spare time.
there are many ways you can try to fill your spare time but i came across to these tips 
and i quote

I spend 20 minutes walking to work. I’ll use that to listen to a lecture whilst I still feel fresh and alert. I also have a 30 minute lunch break. I’ll spend 10 minutes eating, but as for the other 20 minutes, I will read a book because I’ll be sat down. As I walk back home from work, I’m usually tired and my head is throbbing. I’ll plug my ears in with some Qur’an and calm down until I get home.

and i leave you guys with this beautiful surah...


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